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Our Process

It Starts with You.

Our process begins with getting to know you and your goals. Tell us where you want to go, and we'll work with you to develop a plan that suits your needs. And as your life changes, we'll adjust your plan so it better aligns with your new path.

We believe a detailed planning process can be one of the most effective ways to work toward financial independence. An effective plan may not only seeks financial independence throughout your life, it can also strive to educe the damage disability, critical illness, or other sudden losses of income may have.

So what are the steps?

1. Introductory Meeting

In our first meeting, we'll identify your goals, priorities, preferences, and any obstacles you may have. We'll also mutually establish what your expectations are for us, and if an ongoing partnership is the right fit.

2. Exploration & Financial Organization

After our first meeting, we'll take a deeper dive into your situation. As we have a more detailed conversation about your personal and financial goals, we'll help you get financially organized. When we have a clear picture of your assets, liabilities and cash flow, you can find real clarity.

3. Detailed Planning

Now that we have a foundation, we assess whether you can reach your goals and how it can happen. This plan will address the areas that are most important to you and outline the steps needed to conquer potential obstacles. Your plan will also aim to achieve the necessary returns via a set of solid, tax-efficient strategies.

4. Implementing Your Plans

Once the plan is agreed to, we will start the implementation process. The investments and financial products are chosen based on the plan and without bias. Whether your plan is executed all at once or it is completed in stages, we will maintain open communications and a transparent process.

5. Ongoing Support & Advice

Life is constantly changing and your goals will too. Reviewing and assessing the results of the plan are a must to ensure your success. When new priorities lead you towards different approaches to wealth management and savings, we'll be here to adapt your plan so it continues to serve you.


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What to expect from us

Focused on Your Goals

We enjoy being able to offer our clients personalized guidance at a level we know is only possible as an independent advisor. At Gordon Wealth Planning, we focus on what really matters, you.

Comprehensive Planning

Our clients can count on our holistic approach to financial planning and our vast selection of products and services so they can prioritize and pursue their lifelong financial goals.

The Advantage of Independence

Gordon Wealth Planning is free from having to fill a corporate quota or sell any proprietary products, which means we are able to offer independent and highly-customized advice.

Contact us today to see how a financially sound plan may bring you closer to your goals.

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