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"My drive and passion for ensuring that clients have the appropriate planning is motivated by my own life experiences."

— Neal Gordon

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When my father passed away unexpectedly over 30 years ago, he did not have a will or any other instructions in place. We were not prepared for the emotional and highly stressful process that followed. We were left with the law, lawyers and the courts deciding what happened. That process is something I now refer to as the “Government Plan”. If you haven’t made your plans – legal, healthcare and financial – then the government has rules to make the decisions for you.

I don’t know anyone who would prefer the “Government Plan” to the choices and decisions they could make for themselves. Fast forward 20 years later, after becoming a Financial Planner, I see too many people experiencing the same emotionally devastating situation. Customers would come into the bank trying to find out if their spouse or relative had any accounts. When we did have accounts for deceased or disabled individuals who lacked the proper planning, the process to deal with the estate was typically complicated and required lawyers.

It is a true gift that people can give their friends and family (and themselves) when they have their affairs in order. I have also found, invariably, that people who have put their plans into place have a more confident and optimistic outlook knowing they took care of business.

Neal Gordon, ChFC®, CRPC®

Retirement Architect, LPL Financial Planner



Neal Gordon values the personal relationships he has built with his clients over the last decade in the financial services industry. He takes pride in listening to and learning about each of his clients’ unique financial situations and helps them build a blueprint of how they can work towards reaching their financial goals and strive to protect against the unexpected.

With a focus in retirement planning, Neal is dedicated to educating his clients in making sound financial decisions to help them pursue a successful retirement. He is committed to ongoing studies involving retirement planning, investing, Social Security, Medicare and successful aging to provide his clients with the most up to date information available. Neal is passionate about providing a personalized approach to each of his clients, helping them understand and avoid any potential roadblocks they may face that could be costly and irrevocable as they pursue financial success. He enjoys collaborating with each client, altering their blueprint where necessary, to help them stay on track as they work towards their financial objectives.

Neal has been married to his wife for over 35 years and together they have two children. He enjoys home improvement projects and playing golf (although not very well).

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